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About Us

Our team consist software developers who are involving to develop Windows. iOS and Android based software. Also our jailbreak experts ready to give solutions for jailbreak users. Because jailbreak has little risk for damage devices. Some users has faced error messages with jailbreak tool using. We like to guide them to solve their problems. Our support staff waiting with your messages. Please email your problems to us, our support staff reply for you as soon as possible.

Why we developed Installercydia.com ? Millions of jailbreak users are interesting with Cydia and Cydia related applications. But most of them do not know real and correct procedure to install these applications for their devices. Installercydia.com will guide all of these users.

Our blog included tutorial guides for all of you. We are writing as simply as possible with step by steps. Then users can understand with properly. Also we are expecting your feedback, all feedback will motivate our team to give real solution for our users. If you are satisfied with our service, this will cause to  develop such nice product for you. Our jailbreak experts any moment like to help for you.

You can read our Privacy Policy, Use following contact us form to message for our support staff. Emails – support@installercydia.com. Also we like to mentioned our admin Email – admin@installercydia.com.
Thank You

Installercydia.com Team


Installercydia.com Privacy Policy

Our development team every moment work under our privacy policy. We cannot go to long journey without user satisfaction. So our team is gathering user information to give real solution for you. We are using Google Analytics to monitor users flow. We are not going to sell your personal information for third parties. Our development and support staff every moment work to help for you. Any matter use our contact us form to inform your message.

What are the information we collecting ? We are only gathering users analytic information such as IP, OS, Browser, In and out pages, visit duration. Why we are gathering these information ? We are only collecting to support for users. Actually we are not keeping users database. Most of the times we are using Analytics data for manage users.

What are your valuable information ? Most important information bank information. Credit card information, SSN numbers. We are not selling third party applications for users. So we are not keeping users those information.

All users can take latest information directly to the email by subscribing email to us. This is so much benefit to update with latest news. Your comments and feedback is our success, We are appreciate any of your feedback. All these are encourage our team.


Thanks for Visiting

Installercydia.com Team


Any message use this form to Contact Us

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