Apple Seeds iOS 10.1 Beta 1 For Developers & JAilbreaking Possibilities

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Hi there,we are here with new updates from Apple & jailbreak world.Apple has been continuing its way to offer you the best thing always.As a result of it Apple has been released iOS 10.1 beta 1 for the developers.Apple gave us a great opportunity with iOS 10 and it possess a lot of security updates and bug fixes with newer features.How ever iOS 10 jailbreak is not a hard thing any more.Because Pangu team and famous Italian hacker Luca Todesco has been proven it with their exploits.Where we should mention that iOS 10.1 will be a step forward than iOS 10 on security updates side.Because Pangu team has recognized iOS 9.3.4 firmware vulnerabilities and they are very closed to kill iOS 9.3.4 in near future.That’s mean Pangu team will do it as same as iOS 9.3.4 in near future.

iOS 10.1 beta 1 newer features

Apple has add highly essential Portral Mode for the stock camera app to the iPhone 7 Plus owners.Watch this video & get a complete idea what’s on iOS 10.1 beta 1.

Every iOS developers can install iOS 10.1 beta 1 on your device via dedicated sites.If you are desired to get an idea about the iOS beta installation go through this web site.

iOS 10.1 jailbreak possibilities

iOS 10 jailbreak possibilities has been prove by several teams at the several times.As they are  done with  iOS 9.3.4 ,iOS 10 definitely will do with iOS 10.1 around  next few months.Although they have proven iOS 9.3.4 ,iOS 10 jailbreak possibilities they are still not released a compatible tool for the public.Once they will be done it will start their exploit with iOS 10.1.

Last exploit of iOS 10 jailbreak possess Luca Todesco via his Twitter account and on YouTube.He will do this again with iOS 10.1 in next few days.We can trust him with exploits because he is the person who was killed iOS 9.3.3 before Pangu released their tool for the public.

So guys keep your mind on us we will be here with the latest updates with iOS 10.1 jailbreak.Bye for now and have a fun with iOS 10.1 beta 1 lets meet on next article,bye for now.

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