Best iOS Games And Cydia Tweaks With More

Best iOS games for Apple users.

Apple has gifted you thousands of  iOS games that you can play impressively with your desired.Here we are going to offer you some kind of best iOS games that you can play on your device.

  • Fruit Ninja-(April 2010)
  • Angry Birds-(December 2009)
  • Subway Surfers-(May 2012)
  • Despicable Me-(June 2013)
  • Clash of Clans-(June 2012)
  • Temple Run-(August 2011)
  • Angry Birds Rio-(March 2011)
  • Temple Run 2-(January 2013)
  • Words With Friends-(July 2009) 

If you are interested on iOS games you can try those games for your pleasure.If you have a Jailbroken device,you can play Cydia games too.

Best Cydia Tweaks

  •  Incoginto Messages:Via this tweak you can disable typing indicator and it will appear at the time when you are start typing.(Free)
  • LockLight:This tweak facilitate to you to lock your device by swiping to spotlight page.(Free)
  • Low Power Flipswitch:This is a sort of switches which you can put your device for low power mode(Free)
  • Messages ID:This tweak replaces unknown numbers of messages with the name of service linked to message.(Free)
  • Mutiny:You can mute any conversation from the conversation list that you want.(Free)
  • Swipe Home:This will help you to get away from the App switcher quickly.(Free)
  • Switcher Flipper:By using this tweak you can change the direction of the swipe in the App switcher.(Free)
  • Volume Wiz:This is a bulk of options to manage volume on your device.($ 1.99)
  • Full No Pop:This will hides things preview for public in secure fields.(Free)
  • FullFolder 9:If you want to open folders in the full screen you can use this tweak.It’ll help you to achieve your goal.
  • Force Color: This tweak will match the 3D touch app action background to the color of the app icon.(Free)
  • FaceDown:You can control your device’s lock option by put down your face.(Free)
  • EasyLowPower Mode:This will add a toggle in settings app that you can keep your device in low power mode.(Free)
  • Disable Autolock on Ac:When your device is plugged in this will disable Auto-lock.(Free)
  • CustomL S2:You can customize your Lock Screen.(Free)
  • Cog:This tweak will indicate whether message is coming in or going out.(Free)

Why you should update latest iOS versions????

Because apple has add new features for the every iOS version that they are released to public than the previous version.These features that they have added highly useful for users.Every step up of apple has stepped to forward as user friendly than the previous.User interface also has been very comfortable for the users.That’s why we always recommend to the all apple users to update your iOS.

Whay you should Jailbreak your device????

Jailbreak is the process that you can remove hardware and software restrictions that Apple has been instituted as a barrier  for your freedom.This will not harmful for your device.Via this process you can get the Cydia Apps store and thousands of apps for free.

To install Cydia on your iOS 9.2-9.3.3 please follow our instructions.Guys touch with us further more we would like to offer you every latest updates from the Jailbreak world for free.



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