The best iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks-2017

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It’s very close to jailbreak iOS 10 and release it’s stable version to public.So we thought ┬ádiscuss about the best jailbreak tweaks that you can get on your iDevice. This will help you to select your best choice without any doubt.So we invite you to follow our guide about the latest jailbreak and upcoming newer jailbreak tweaks to get the best thing.


If you want to change your Status Bar color as you want,the best option is Aeria.This tweak will allow you to arrange every icon via tweak’s settings.It doesn’t matter whether you are in an app or Home screen.Get this amazing tweak from Cydia and do it to feel real experience.Aerial is available for $ 1.99.


This tweak is available completely for free. This app will tints your 3D Touch menus & blurred background of it so that match the most predominant color of the app which you are using on the 3D Touch gesture.So guys we recommend to use this too.



If you want to change your Home screen configure as you want,ReformX is the best way to do it.Using this app you will be able to arrange Home screen app icon stretching as your any sort of desire.This app also available completely for free in Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

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TouchID for idevice is an essential thing to apply all users on their idevice.Where if you want to apply a particular TouchID based gesture,FingerTouch is the way to do that easily and attractively.Whether it’s tapping & holding,double tapping or anything else extremely up to you.Get this for free and try this at least once.

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Calendar for Lockscreen 2

When you want to see upcoming calendar events on your Lock screen what do you do for it ?Actually our option is Calendar for Lockscreen 2.This tweak will arrange upcoming calendar events from present time so that appear on your Locks screen.Try this for $ 1.99.

Our recommendations

  • App Center
  • Unify
  • Horseshoe
  • MessageFilter
  • HideMex
  • ColorBanners 2
  • Eclipse 4
  • Falcon
  • Noctis
  • CCRecord
  • Onizuka
  • AppCon
  • CCLowPower
  • Evanesco
  • MakeRespringsGreatAgain
  • Cream 2
  • Creamless
  • ColorFlow 3
  • Littlemoji
  • Spin 10
  • CCTButtonAction
  • NoSharePlz
  • Pasithea 2
  • Gorgone
  • Activator
  • Barrel
  • CallBar
  • ForcelnPicture
  • iFile
  • PowerDown
  • TetherMe

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