iOS 10.2 Beta 4 Has Been Released For The Developers


Apple has been seeded  fourth iOS 10.2 bet version for the  developers.So if you are a iOS developer now you can get it.It’s look like  an express way when Apple gives their newer iOS versions for the public.However we can say you guys that apple always gives us even few updates with their latest iOS versions.They are specially aware about the security updates of the forthcoming iOS versions.

So we can  hope for the iOS 10.3 in near future with this trend.Not only iOS 10.3 but also we can  hope iOS 10.3 jailbreak too.Apple has stopped signing to the iOS 10.1.1.So if you are going to upgrade your current iOS version to the latest version think twice before do it.

Apple has added some newer features on iOS 10.2 beta 4 .Lets see whats new with iOS 10.2.1.Watch this video and get an idea about iOS 10.2.1 properly.

Whether you update or not extremely up to you guys,but our responsibility is to give you the proper knowledge about this newer versions before you are going to go through this stuffs.So we recommend you to follow our guides properly before you are going to do this on your way.

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