Completely Free 9 Cydia Tweaks Of The Week.

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Cydia is an amazing apps store as you already know that you can get on your Home screen via jailbreak your idevice with compatible jailbreak tool.Cydia apps store has so important for the Apple device users by this time.As the reasons we can see for this,Cydia has instituted so many free apps for the users & others for few bucks that users can tolerate .Not only these but also users can find most desired app that they would like to use on their device in one place on easy way searching.On other hand Cydia is not a conventional apps store,it’s updating very often and gives newer updated apps for public as soon as possible.They always try to add new apps on Cydia so that users can easily install it & use it on their devices.Okay then today we are going to introduce you a part of Cydia newer updates.

Before get into this stuff we should mention for all of you guys there are still not any compatible jailbreak tool released for the public to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 & iOS 9.3.5.So do not get caught to any one who are going to sell their products to you saying it can be jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 & iOS 9.3.5.Once they will be released compatible jailbreak tool for the public we will bring up it for you.

Tap on the Cydia icon on your Home screen and search the app that you desired to install, and install it on your device on easy way.


When you send a message to your colleague if you want to confirm exactly whether it sent or not or partially sent to him/her at the emergency time, this is the one what you want to use at those incidents.This shows you the delivery percentage of a message that you try to send.You can get this app from Cydia completely for free.Use this and enjoy it with your works.


This will help you to on easily accessible way when you use this app with adding a calendar.This app also available on Cydia for free.Try this and leave a comment for Cydia.


Yes now you can add a persian calendar on your iOS with Cydia for free.Try this guys,tap on the Cydia search it and install it for free.


Via this app you can get Mirror notifications on your device.This app also provide by Cydia for free.


Try this amazing tweak as an Actvesync user agent for stock Calendar & Mail apps.You can get this app for free on Cydia now.


This will provide you day & night themes for your iPhone’s switch toggles.Try this guys it also completely for free on Cydia.


This will remember you via notification when you use your data.This also for free on Cydia.

Callypso 2(Free)

This will act as a customization tool for your iOS.This one also completely free from Cydia.Try this guys, it’ll relieve your pain.

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