Cyder 2 and Cydia – Review

Download Cyder 2 for Cydia

What is Cyder 2 ?
Cyder 2 is Windows based software which can use as intermediate software within your device and PC. This is kind of remote installer to add Cydia sources to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This is well developed user friendly application for all jailbroken devciecs.
If your device is not already jailbroken, Pls visit our home page and download best jailbreak tool. Also follow our blog post for more information to jailbreak your device using downloaded tool. Cyder 2 software move .deb files to your PC to iDevices.

Cyder 2 Requirements

Windows based computer
Apple iPhone or iPod

How to use Cyder 2

  1. Download Cyder 2 using above button and connect your device to PC
  2. Run application file Click “Get Sources from Cydia”. Now Cydia sources will be added to the Cyder 2
  3. Select Source and start to download into your computer
  4. In the packages tab, You can search application in Cydia sources.
  5. Right Click Application and Click “Download with Dependencies”
  6. In download tab you can see already downloaded software. Select software and download to computer
  7. Now, go to File Manager, Then you can see Cydia apps in the right side and select auto install to install into your iPhone or iPod.

Cyder 2 Advantages

Transfer files to PC and mobile device without any matter
User friendly Software for users
Cydia sources can download as packages to computer

Cyder 2 Disadvantages

Some Windows PC’S has errors (iTunes and Windows based)
Need to jailbreak device to install sources

Can Cyder use for Non Jailbroken devices ?

No, You cannot work with any third party apps without jailbreaking your idevice. Apple doesn’t allow for these things.

Conclusion of Cyder 2 and Cydia

Cydia can install most of the iOS versions, but this moment some latest iOS versions are not supported for Cydia. If you like Cydia, do not update for these un-compatible versions. Use our blog to find real solution for your device.

Some users are like to work with third party application. But we recommend to install apps directly to your computer with Cydia sources. This is less time and accuracy for you.

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