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Apple has been already releasing their iOS 10.2 beta versions for iOS developers.Apple has got a big step forward with security updates of forthcoming iOS versions.As a result of that iOS 10 has been tight on security side.Apple does not stop at the iOS 10 security updates,they have been increasing their security updates on all the forthcoming iOS versions.If you are still not updated newer iOS version on your idevice we recommend to you do it right now.

After getting finished releasing iOS 10 versions for the public Apple will release iOS 11 as soon as possible with a great attractive features.Although iOS 10 is well secured,Pangu & Luca has already done their jobs on jailbreak side with their exploits.That’s mean iOS 10 jailbreak is not too far and it will be killed in near future.Pangu team has been recognized some kind of vulnerabilities of iOS 10 that will help to jailbreak it.So we can hope a new jailbreak tool for iOS 10 within few months.

While many jailbreak teams are working on iOS 10 jailbreak,Pangu team has done a great job with it.They have been shown their exploit on iOS 10 beta 1.That’s mean they have been already done it on iOS 10 & they will release a compatible jailbreak tool for iOS 10 in near future.

iOS 11 jailbreak & Cydia download on it

Definitely Apple will release iOS 11 as a great secured OS for the public.Not only security but also they will provide newer features too than on the iOS 10 versions.Siri option will be improved with it’s ability & will provide you newer mojies too.We can hope apple will provide us their newer iOS 11 firmware to us with newer updates on all options which they have been currently provided to public.

Although Apple will be more secured on iOS 11,it will be also killed by Pangu team & Luca Todesco after released it for the public.Because they have been recognized that what are the important patches of iOS version’s , so that jailbreak it easily.Cydia download on iOS 11 will be a truth when we consider iOS 10 jailbreak possibilities.So guys keep your attention on our side because we will be here once they released iOS newer jailbreak tool for the public.Okay then will you see soon.

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