Cydia Download On iOS 10.0.2 & iOS 10.0.1


At the beginning of this article we should mention you, iOS 10 jailbreak is a not impossible factor any more.Because most famous & talented Pangu jailbreak team and Italian famous hacker Luca Todesco Has started their exploit already by this time and they are proven iOS 10 jailbreak is not a hard thing with their exploits.However when the Pangu team  is showing their exploit with iOS 10 beta 1 version,Luca Todesco has been released his 2nd video that compatible even on the iOS 10.0.1 via his twitter account.Today we are going to discuss about those factors briefly and keep reading this article from beginning to end we’re sure it’ll be offer you a great chance to increase your knowledge.

Before you are step forward we should mention to you guys the final jailbreakable firmware is iOS 9.3.3, and you can’t jailbreak any of upper iOS firmwares ,because there’s still not released any compatible jailbreak tool for public yet.If you want to download fully functional Cydia on your device you have only option is iOS 9.3.3.Why we are saying iOS 9.3.3 is the best firmware to download Cydia ? because iOS 9.3.3 firmware is the most secured jailbreakable firmware that has available of previous iOS versions than the iOS 9.3.4.

Although we have a problem with iOS 9.3.3,because iOS 9.3.3 signing window has closed by Apple,due to this factor you can’t downgrade your current iOS version to the iOS 9.3.3 or upgrade to the iOS 9.3.3 until Apple open iOS 9.3.3 signing again.You have a hope to downgrade iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 9.3.3 with upcoming Prometheus tool.If you are still not upgrade or downgrade your jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 and you are willing to keep your jailbreak tweaks on your device until another jailbreakable firmware released to the public, we highly recommend to you do not upgrade or downgrade your iOS 9.3.3 version to any iOS version until we inform you.

 iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak possibilities

Apple’s next upcoming iOS version is iOS 10.0.2 with higher security updates and bug fixes.iOS 10.0.2 will be on your hand with new features. Even though iOS 10.0.2 is fixed with security updates,it will kill by jailbreak teams very soon.Because already Luca has shown iOS 10.0.1 compatible jailbreak.So keep your touch on us we will be here soon with iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak news.

iOS 10.0.1 jailbreak-Luca Todesco

Luca has gave us a video earlier with jailbreak iOS 10 beta 8,and now he is back on to the Arena with new video  compatible even with iOS 10.0.1.


According to luca’s message via his Twitter account he has been updated his iOS 10b8 jailbreak as compatible as with iOS 10.0.1 too.


Watch this video to realize that how Luca shows his exploit on his device on 15th September,

Final Conclusion

Not only Luca Todesco but also Pangu team has been proven iOS 10 jailbreak  is a possible thing with their demos.According to those mentioned proves iOS 10 jailbreak is not in too longer and iOS 10.0.1 & iOS 10.0.2 as well.So guys our final conclusion is iOS 10 will be jailbreak in near future and Pangu will release a compatible jailbreak tool for the iOS 10 jailbreak and they will work on iOS 10.0.1 & iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak after they released iOS 10 jailbreak tool for the public.Bye for now guys keep your touch with us we’ll be here with newer updates from the jailbreak world.

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