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Follow us to install Cydia for any iPod Touch devices. We have included all iPod Touch devices. We are ready to give necessary guides for you to install Cydia for your device. Cydia can be use with your most of the iOS models.

If you are visiting us with your iPod Safari Browser, You can take Cydia iDevice application directly to your device. You can use following button to install it for your device.

iPod Users Select your iPod Touch model to install Cydia with jailbreak


Cydia for iPod Touch 5G

Cydia for iPod Touch 4G

Cydia for iPod Touch 3G

Cydia for iPod Touch 2G

Cydia for iPod Touch 1G

Also you can select your iOS version to install Cydia for your device

iOS 8 Users :

iOS 7 Users

Note – You cannot download or install Cydia directly to your iPod Touch from online websites. All users need to use Windows or MAC computer to install Cydia with jailbreaking tools. Follow our simple guides and take it easy within few minutes.

If you have Windows computer, Please use our installer Cydia application to find complete solution for your iPod Touch.

iPod FAQ

Can install Cydia without jailbreaking to iPod Touch?
No, You are unable to install it without jailbreaking.

Can Cydia install with Apple App Store ?
No, You cannot see Cydia with your iPod App Store. But you can see Cydia related applications in App Store. These are not real Cydia, You cannot feel real Cydia functions using these tools.

 How to feel real Cydia features for my iPod Touch ?

You need to jailbreak your device to install Cydia successfully. This process included cydia installation. We like to give whole process as simply as possible.

Can install Cydia for my new iPod Touch 6 device?

Yes. New iPod 6 can be jailbroken out-of-the-box. Read more..

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