Downgrade iOS 10 To iOS 9.3.5

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iOS 10 possess a great cool crazy stuffs that you can use as your willing.Apple has been tight up iOS 10 security with their security updates.But you may want to downgrade iOS 10 to your previous iOS 9.3.5 version.So this article for you who wants to downgrade your iOS 10 version to the iOS 9.3.5.So we are invited to you to follow our step by step guides properly and get into the iOS 9.3.5 on easy way.

 Important factors to be aware

  • Take a complete backup of your important information using iTunes or iCloud.
  • This may help you to restore later if your information lost while the process.

Check real time signing to the iOS 9.3.5

Before you are going to proceed this process you have to check out real time signing for the iOS 9.3.5 firmware.If Apple has been closed signing windows to the iOS 9.3.5 you can’t upgrade or downgrade to iOS 9.3.5 any more.So before get into this process check real signing for iOS 9.3.5.

Follow our step by step guides

Step 01:-As your first step download a compatible firmware file for your device

Important: If you are going to download firmware file using safari make sure  that auto unzip feature is disabled or use Chrome or Firefox instead.

Step 02:-Now you have to do an important thing,that is put your device into DFU mode.

Step 03:-Now connect your device to your computer.

Step 04:-Now turn off your device routinely.

Step 05:-Now you have to hold the power button for a while.

Step 06:-Now start to holding Power button & Home button simultaneously.

Step 07:-After about 10 seconds release the power button while continue holding the Home button until you get a popup as we have mentioned below.


Step 08:-To continue the process forward click on the OK button.

Step 09:-Now you have to hold the Alt/Option key on the Mac or Shift key in windows on your keyboard and now click on the “Restore iPhone….(iPad/iPod touch….)” button.


Step 10:-Now select the correct & compatible IPSW file you had downloaded in your first step.

Step 11:-After getting selected it click on the “Restore and update” button to go head with this process.


Step 12:-If you are done with us properly so far,in the next screen you will receive the information about the iOS 9.3.5 update.To continue the process click on the Next button and then click on the Agree button too.

Step 13:-Now iTunes will verify the software & will begin to install it on your device.It will take some times,so be patient until it finished.

Step 14:-After getting finished the process successfully,you will see the white “Hello” screen.Now follow the on-screen instructions to set up your device.Now restore every data that you have backup before this process.Now you are ready to start your works with iOS 9.3.5 as you wished.

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