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Again here we are to give you an another way about iOS.Apple is going to release iOS 11 newer iOS firmware to public in near future.With releasing iOS 11 for the public iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch users will be able to use different user interface than the previous iOS firmwares.Today we’re not gonna tell you about iOS 11 newer features.Because we do hope to talk about the iOS 11 newer features on our next article completely.So we invite you guys to stay with us and get everything about iOS 11 from us.


Are your 10 running  device already has been jailbroken ? Are you highly willing to make your jailbroken iOS 10 running device as iOS 11 running?Actually you are the most luckiest person.Because several most famous and skilled developers are already has been started to bring up several iOS 11 features to the jailbreak community before the OS release to public.This is a good trend to jailbreak community who are suffering without being either upgrade or downgrade their current jailbroken iOS firmware to any of another iOS firmwares. According to the latest news the developers has already completed the project and they have called to this project Eleven.This project is undertaken by well known developers LaughingQuoll & Antique_Dev.

Most of jailbreak tweaks of Seven project have been completed.But they won’t release completed tweaks for the public.Because they have planed to release the project for the public together.So please be patient and stay with us to get the complete jailbreak tweaks that make up your jailbroken iOS 10 running device as same as iOS 11 firmware running device.Actually this method will be a new experience for you guys.Try this once it will be released for you.Where we should remember you guys that if you want to get those jailbreak tweaks on your device you have to pay small amount of money for Cydia such as 1.00$.

We recommend to download application with Safari Browser to your Apple iDevice.

Download Cydia Insaller [Safari Users]

From this project you can use following changes on your device as same as iOS 11,

  • Lock screen media controls:Redesigned Lock screen media control interface that act as same as iOS 11.Available on Cydia for $ 1.00.
  • Video Player:You can get iOS 11 video player on your jailbroken device now for $ 1.00.
  • Dynamic Dock:Available for $ 1.00  on iOS 10 jailbroken devices.
  • Control Center:This will available on Cydia for $ 1.50 for your iOS 10 jailbroken device.
  • New Widget UI:Now it’s easy to access Siri,Widjets,applications & spotlight where ever on your iOS 10 running jailbroken device.$ 1.00.
  • iOS 11 pascode screen:They have been redesigned the pascode input screen as same as iOS 11.$ 1.00.


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