How to downgrade or update to iOS 10.2


If you are with in another higher iOS firmware instead iOS 10.1.1/10.2,you are too far from the newer jailbreak.iOS 10.1.1 signing windows were closed a long time ago by Apple.But you have a chance with iOS 10.2.Our effort is provide a path to do it on easiest way.Please follow us.


  • A computer with iTunes
  • Correct IPSW file for the iOS 10.2
  • An idevice


  • If you are stay with iOS 10.2.1 or iOS 10.3 beta this method is for you.
  • If you are already with iOS 10.2 don’t even touch this method.
  • If you are stay with either lower firmware/higher than the iOS 10.2 please apply this method.

Follow us gradually

  • Step 01:Take a complete backup your important details & files.Because some times this method cause for the lost of your important details.So make sure that you have done it with either iTunes or iCloud.


  • Step 02:If you are done successfully the previous step as we said now you are ready to step up forward with us.Now download the correct IPSW file for your device.Ensure that you are going to download the correct IPSW file which is compatible for your device too.
  • Step 03:Now you have to confirm the iOS 10.2 firmware is still being signed for your device.To figure out it please go through this website.If not you have to stop doing this process any more.


  • Step 04:Now you have to connect your device to the computer via an USB cable and launch iTunes.If any kind of prompt will be appeared when you open iTunes,please tick Do not ask me again & then click to Cancel it.
  • Step 05:After a successful connection you will see two buttons on the connected device page which are labelled Restore and Update.


  • Step 06:Next step depend upon your decision whether Update or Restore. If you select Restore you will be lost your stored data of your device,but it gives you a fresh begins and it will avoid issues that may be occurred later.If you select Update it will save your all data as they are,but with this process this way may occurred some issues.
  • Step 07:(a)If you are going to restoring please hold down the Option key(Mac) or Shift key(Windows) and click Restore.
  • Step 07:(b) If you are going to Updating please hold down the Option key(Mac) or Shift key(Windows) and click Update.

Where we must warn you highly do not just click Update or Restore.You must hold down the relevant keyboard key while you are clicking Update or Restore.Unless iTunes will automatically install iOS 10.2.1 instead of iOS 10.2 without your permission. 

  • Step 08:After finishing the previous step you will be directed to the place which you downloaded the IPSW at your very first step of this process.Select it and give your hand to succeed rest of this process.


  • Step 09:Now you will be prompted with asking to restore your device by iOS 10.2 IPSW file.If everything looking good give your confirmation to continue the process.


  • Step 10:Now restoring process has been begun and don’t disconnect your device until it finished.After getting finished the process your device will be booted back up to the lock screen.

Congratulations guys..!!now you are with iOS 10.2 and very close to iOS 10.2 jailbreak.We would like to invite you to stay with us so longer and get the latest news about the iOS jailbreak.

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