How to download Cydia for iOS 8.1.3 devices ?

This moment you are unable to Cydia download for iOS 8.1.3 running devices. Because, Cydia download tools (jailbreak tools) not support  for this firmware version. TaiG & PP tools which completed iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak are blocked by the Apple with this iOS 8.1.3 update.Read full article : Apple released iOS 8.1.3 & killed iOS 8 jailbreak Untitled-132

Can Cydia download for iOS 8.1.3 without jailbreak ?

This is impossible. Jailbreak is essential procedure to get Cydia for any idevice running any iOS versions. If you want real official Cydia,  jailbreaking is the the only way to get it.

What are the expecting tool for iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak ?

The highly expected jailbreak tool for iOS 8.1.3 is TaiG. The TaiG team has already announced the ability of jailbreak release for iOS 8.2. So, If it is true that tool also will support for the iOS 8.1.3 too. Therefore, we can trust on TaiG. Most probably they will win against the Apple.

In addition, there are two jailbreak developers available with ability to jailbreak iOS 8.1.3. Those are the PP & Pangu team. We can hopes on these tools because, both tools already have done great job on iOS 8 jailbreak.

Cydia install step guide for iOS 8.1.3

When jailbreak release for iOS 8.1.3, we will seed complete step guide tutorial for iOS 8.1.3 Cydia download. Hopes up jailbreak. It will arrive soon…..

This is the link for iOS 8.1.3 Cydia install guide

(still not active)

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