How To Find Your Misplaced Or Stolen iPhone Quickly & More In One


Hey dudes with releasing iOS 9.3.4 for public users are always watching for Jailbreak tool for the iOS 9.3.4.W e would like to say Pangu will release in near future a Jailbreak tool for tethering this newer member from the Apple bonds.Why you should update your current iOS version to iOS 9.3.4?????because iOS 9.3.4 has been upgraded with newer added security updates.

However until iOS 9.3.4 has been Jailbroken you can feel of Cydia warm by jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3.Cydia has been provided so many user friendly tweaks for free.Once if you try this you will ask it again and again and again.Be enjoy and have a fun with Cydia.

No more talks guys lets get into the topic how you can find your misplaced iPhone via a simple trick and more details that you should know when you are using an iPhone.

Quickly save email drafts on your iPhone

While you are composing a message,if you want to go another direction you can hold your message without harm by drag the title from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen.It will stay there until you will start again it to compose.

Manage a group chat

If you want to add some one to your iMessage group chat you have to do,if you are already in iMessege ,tap Add contact.If you want to mute notifications during exchange,turn on Do Not Disturb.

See when a message was sent

Very simple thing you have to do when you want to see the date that it sent.Drag the message bubble to the left now you can see the date on the right side.

Annotate a mail attachment

You have to use Markup to annotate images and PDFs in a mail.Do this as we mention,touch and hold the attachment then select Markup and Reply.You can use the tools for draw or add text,once you finished it tap Done.

Share a photo album using iCloud

Open the photo and tap Shared,and tap on the Start Sharing or New Shared Album.Now tap people to invite your friends and allow them to add photos.

Keep notifications off the lock screen

If you want to disable app’s notifications appearing although it has been locked,go to Settings>Notifications.Tap the app and turn off Show on Lock Screen.

Find your misplaced or stolen iPhone quickly

Get the user guide

You can learn everything about the iPhone by using user guide in one place.You can get it for free in the iBooks Store.

We discuss a lot so far.If you want to know more about the Jailbreak,Cydia and Apple please go through Installer Cydia,you can feel your actual freedome with us and we guaranteed that you can get everything which you want to know about Jailbreak and Cydia when you are using an idevice.Touch with us we do hope to give you the latest updates from the Jailbreak & Cydia world instantly they released.


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