Installer Cydia for Windows users

What is Installer Cydia?

Simple application software which developed by the to help idevice users to download Cydia is called Installer Cydia.Windows users are able to get great support from this tool for success their Cydia installation. We highly recommend to use Installer Cydia tool for new iOS users. This is 100% FREE software for all idevice users.Untitled-7

How This tool work?

There are several jailbreak tools available to Cydia download for iOS devices. But, all are not suitable for your idevice. Users need to take close attention on jailbreak tools because, fake jailbreak cause brake your important device. Therefore, you have to select suitable one for your iPhone, iPad & iPod.

So, this tool can best select & download most suitable, real & official jailbreak program for your device according to the device model & firmware version you have used. After download required tools, it generates appropriate jailbreak guide with step by step procedure. Therefore, there is no chance to get wrong with our installer. You are safe.

Installer Cydia pros & cons

Pros (+)

  • Provide total solution to install Cydia (jailbreak + guide)
  • Supports to get Cydia for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
  • Compatible with all iPhone, iPad & iPod models
  • Simple & user friendly
  • 100% free software

cons (-)

  • For Windows only.

Guide to use Installer Cydia for install Cydia

This tool has developed for all idevice users, those who are willing to install Cydia for their iPhone, iPad & iPod.

  1. Download Installer Cydia from here – direct ink
  2. Execute the program “Run as Administrator”
  3. Select your device (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
  4. Select iOS Version
  5. Program then process & download best jailbreak solution suitable for your device
  6. Execute downloaded jailbreak program & follow step guide to install Cydia

If There is any doubt with installer Cydia or need help for your Cydia installation matters, contact Also visit our Facebook fan page –Installer Cydia.

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