iOS 10 beta 5 added newer updates

Apple has been released iOS 10 beta 5 for iOS 10 developers with newer updates.In this series Apple has stepped up with newer updates as fast as quickly.iOS 10 beta 5 is unexpectedly release of Apple as iOS 9.3.4.Most important thing is Apple has been provided newer bulk of updates via their every new iOS beta version.This mean final output of iOS 10 will be a great amazing remarkable user interface.In this article we are going to discuss with you what are the newer updates of iOS 10 beta 5.

Before we are going to head we would like to invite to you go through iOS 9.3.4,because you can get an idea about iOS 9 versions,  how long far from iOS 10.

So lets get into the work with iOS 10 beta 5,

New lock sound – iOS 10 beta 5

Sound like familiar isn’t it?? How ever Apple will dedicate to us natural features so that we can feel atmosphere as natural.That sound feel awesome and this is the new lock sound in iOS 10 beta 5.We can keep our curiosity on upcoming beta versions of iOS 10.

Downloading apps after a reboot with Touch ID

iOS 10 beta 5 has been eased your task with Touch ID.Now you have an ability to download apps from the App store after a reboot with Touch ID authorization, you need not re-authorize yourself with your Apple ID password.This newer step will easy your task with your works.So thanks Apple for this crazy stuffs.

Digital Touch Splash Screen

Via this Digital Touch Splash screen they have been facilitated the different gestures for Sending animated kisses,heartbeats,heartbreaks & Fire balls.This is different than the Digital Touch Interface within messages full screen for earlier versions.

Widgets from apps seems dark background

Apple has introduced a new widgets panel in iOS 10 that you can get by swiping from left to right in the Notification center or on the lock screen.You can recognize clearly Apple’s stock widgets and those from third-party apps.

Not only these things but also Apple has been providing more for us so be hopeful on iOS 10 until they release for public.Once they released iOS 10 for public we will inform you instantly.So keep touch with us guys and don’t get caught to anyone who are going to sell their fakes.

Watch this out about iOS 10 beta 4 newer features,

You can get more informations about the Jailbreak and Cydia via our Installer Cydia site.Not only things from the Jailbreak world but also we have been facilitated to you a lot of things about Apple world too.So touch with us guys we love to Apple and we love to Cydia too.

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