iOS 10 Jailbreaking Possibilities Proven By Luca Todesco With Off Working Jailbreak iOS 10 Beta 8


Hi there..! What’s going on ? Here we are again with newer Jailbreak latest updates from the jailbreak world.We should say for all idevice users jailbreak is not hard thing any more with any upcoming iOS.Why we are saying like this ? We have  a reason to say that,again Italian famous hacker Luca Todesco has worked on his exploit with iOS 10 beta 8.We can remember Luca’s last exploits with iOS 9.3.3 & iOS 9.3.4.Although he was not release any jailbreak tool for the public he stepped to head to jailbreak those iOS versions.After his proven of jailbreaking those iOS versions Pangu team released a jailbreak tool for iOS 9.3.3 & they are very close to release a jailbreak tool for public to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 too.We bless to Pangu team to do that in near future for our users pleasure.

Luca’s this exploit is very important for all the jailbreak teams.But why ? Because Luca has shown his exploit with iOS 10 beta 8,that’s means iOS 10 beta 8 is one of the latest iOS 10 beta versions that Apple has released for the developers before they are going to release iOS 10 in September 13th.Further more beta 8 is most secured version that Apple has released and Luca proven that is possible to jailbreak iOS 10 too when they released it to public.

This Jailbreak that Luca has been shown is for 9.7-inch iPad Pro device.This jailbreak once again for 64-bit devices only.But don’t be worry it’ll fix in very soon guys keep touch with jailbreak world.

Luca has named this teaser video as Yalux  and according to the video Yalux  once he tapping upon a button within the app and it  displays the word “Jailbroken” and Cydia can be launched on the Home screen.Luca’s this proven show one thing, that is this iOS 10 beta 8 jailbreak is as same as iOS 9.3.3 semi-untethered.


This jailbreak is not a complete correct jailbreak.It has some flaws too .However Todesco  mentioned on his Twitter that despite everything he is done so far ,Cydia “wants to remove itself ” from the home screen for some unknown reason.

Luca says

Whatever happend guys now we have an ambition for jailbreaking iOS 10.Combination of iOS 10 and Cydia will create a great opportunity for all the users without any doubt.As every time at this time Luca gives us a hope,Thank you Luca about your this hard work on the jailbreak.We bless to Pangu team to continue this exploit to head with Luca’s fresh start.Keep touch with us guys it’s not too long we’ll be for you with Jailbreak tool for the iOS 10 in near future.So guys as we said keep your sense with us we’ll be here with newer updates from the jailbreak world.If you have any doubt about the jailbreak please ask help from the Installer Cydia our help guide.Bye for now see you soon.

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