Welcome iPhone users, We like to give all necessary guides A to Z regarding Cydia install process for your iPhone devices. If you are coming from iPhone Safari browser, Click here to download our software for your device. All the iPhone models can be install Cydia application with jailbreak process. You are unable to install Cydia without this process. Our step by step process, PDF files will help for all iPhone users to find their solution.

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 Benefits after install Cydia for your device

Actually your iPhone will be free after install Cydia for your device. You can do most of the functions easier than earlier with this simple process. If you are new to Cydia, follow this Vimeo Youtube video. We are sure your will install this amazing application for your device.

Instructions for iPhone users

  • Download correct jailbreak tool and latest version for your PC.
  • Backup your iPhone before use jailbreak tool
  • Set your iPhone into Air Plane mode. Disable passcode lock or passwords
  • Follow installercydia.com instructions with your compatible device.

Common iPhone users – FAQ

Can install Cydia for iPhone without jailbreak ?

No, You are unable to do this.

Cydia tweaks are not working after jailbreak ?

Most Cydia tweaks are working properly. But Some tweaks will not work, because these Tweaks develop need to update for latest versions.

Cydia not loading after jailbreak ?

Reboot your device, Then this error will be fixed.

iPhone Jailbreak process stuck somewhere, What is the next step ?

Execute process again. If same error happened please reboot your device and computer (better to reboot your PC also)


Help and Support

Our blog support team ready to answer your iPhone jailbreak problems. You can comments here or can message to us with contact us form.

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