Jailbreak iOS 10.1


Apple has been  released iOS 10.1 beta 2 for the developers and iOS 10.1 beta 1 for the beta testers.Apple has improved security updates and newer features with upcoming iOS 10.1 firmware.As you already know,Pangu team has find some vulnerabilities of iOS 10.That’s mean iOS 10 jailbreak is not too far.Definitely Pangu will release a compatible jailbreak tool for iOS 10 in near future.Because Pangu team has already shown their exploit with jailbreaking iOS 10 beta 1.

 Security updates of iOS 10.1

Even though Apple has added newer features on iOS 10.1 they have been not added considerable security updates on it.But you are safe with iOS 10.1,because Apple has fixed all the security halls  with  iOS 10.1.So we are recommended to you to upgrade your current iOS version to iOS 10.1 once it will be released for the public.

Jailbreak status iOS 10.1

iOS 10 jailbreak is not a hard thing anymore with several teams exploits.Specially Luca Todesco has been shown off device jailbreak for the iOS 10 beta 8 and later he shown it works on iOS 10.0.1 properly.Not only Luca but also Pangu team has proven it too.Pangu team has been jailbroken iOS 10 beta 1 at the MOSEC.When we are consider all the factors the iOS 10 jailbreak is not too far.

As we mentioned earlier iOS 10.1 security updates are as same as iOS 10 ,not different too much from the iOS 10.So its mean if any  one will kill iOS 10 definitely iOS 10.1 kill is not hard thing.So in the near future after releasing iOS 10 compatible jailbreak tool they will release it for iOS 10.1 too.

iOS 10.1 beta 2 new features



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