Jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 On iPhone 7

Jailbreak is not a hard thing any more.At the movement which we are writing this article jailbreak teams are working on it hard too.Although the final jailbreakable firmware is iOS 9.3.3  higher versions of iOS beyond iOS 9.3.3 are very close to undergo of jailbreak.This factor which we were mentioned at so many times has been proven by many parties with on their own ways.

Pangu team has been acting a great part of jailbreaking iOS 9.3.4 & iOS 10.Among this Luca Todesco has been playing a cool game too.As a result of Luca’s cool game at many times he has been released his exploits via his Twitter account.Important thing that we should consider with Luca’s exploits is,iOS jailbreak still not a hard thing.Apple has tried to close their all security holes and to fix every bug fixes as soon as possible.Despite apple’s security updates increased Luca has proven that he is in.

Recent proven of Luca’s was iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak which is running on newer iPhone 7.Where luca has published images.So we can keep our trust on Pangu with this Luca’s proven.Because last time also Pangu has been done iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak after luca’s proven.So iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak not too far and keep your touch on us.Because we are always in game.

iosThis Luca’s exploit will turn jailbreak world in a wide angle.If so it will be a great chance for the all idevice users to use iOS on their idevices with Cydia with Apple’s latest security updates.

Why should you jailbreak latest iOS?

Jailbreak is not a harmful thing.Because it will loss your warranty only.Other things will function as normal as original idevice.If you want to remove jailbreak from your device you can do it too.As you already know latest iOS versions possess a very tight security updates and it is the best secured place that you have to do every personal things.

Not only this but also if you can jailbreak it it will gift you a Cydia Apps store which is acting as same as Apple apps store.Apple’s apps store will provide you apps with charging some amount of rupees,but cydia will provide you all the apps for free and some of them will ask you a few bucks.So guys keep your way on us and we will be there with newer and latest hot news on jailbreak world.

 Everything about iOS 10.1.1

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