Best jailbreak tweaks which improve search optimization on iOS 9.0 – 9.3.3


Jailbreaking is the process that you can go through over the some Apple stuffs that Apple does not let you to go through without paying money our without fulfill their conditions.Basically via this process you can remove hardware & software restrictions that Apple has been instituted for the users.

As a result of this process you can meet a guest on your Home screen with a lot of gifts for you,by name the guest is Cydia.Yes Cydia contains thousands of free tweaks that you can use on your device without conditions.Special thing of the Jailbreak & Cydia that if you don’t want it any more to use you can completely remove it from your device and you can get original device as it been before jailbreak.

Today we are going to introduce some kind of Searching optimization tweaks that has been offered to you by Cydia.Study these things and have a fun with Cydia.


This tweak helps for searchers on iOS to do it on easiest way.This make something interesting feels with spotlight search on your iPhone.This will add advance search abilities to search Cydia,Facebook,Twitter,YouTube & a lot of things from Spotlight.Join with this tweak & have an amazing awesome feel with your jailbroken device.If you are still not done this crazy stuff do it now easily with our jailbreak guides.(Free)


Voice Searching is an another amazing option that Google has facilitated you.But without a compatible proper tweak it can’t link using the Home button as same as Siri.So here NowNow to solve that problem.Try this guys & be a optimize searcher on the iOS.(Free)


This jailbreak tweak will allow you to create same custom searches on the small screen($1.99)

WeeSearch Pro

This is a sort of helpful tweak which allows displays your search results inside of Notification center via a “mini browser”.This tweak will help yo to find that important searches again which you searched earlier easily.($1.49)

Quick Google

This tweak will help you to fulfill a google search on iOS on the most easiest way. Actually this is a simple tweak that you can function the google search from anywhere.(Free)

Latest updates about the Jailbreak idevices

Not only these things but also a lot of newer updates about the Jailbreak idevices and Cydia Apps store you can get in one place from just a one click up on the Installer Cydia.

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