After download & install Cydia, guide for How to use?

Apple announced, they have shipped (sold) one billion of iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) for all around the world. As well as, 1/3 of Apple iOS devices has jailbroken with download & install Cydia. But, some jailbroken users aren’t have clear idea about Cydia & its’ work. Therefore, this article will help you How to use Cydia.Untitled-332Most of the Cydia users are new commerce for the field. So,they need proper guidance for work with jailbroken device. Other vice it may harm their valuable device. Thus, this is the complete Cydia guide for absolute beginners How to use Cydia A to Z. You can well direct to the success by just following figure-out things.

Ok. First of all you have to have jailbroken idevice with installed Cydia for go ahead.

Cydia is already installed on your idevice? If not,

recommend to jailbreak your device for download & install Cydia. You can follow our jailbreak guides for instantly install Cydia within few minutes. We only provide official jailbreak for the progress & any one can easily download Cydia for all iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch models.

Click here to Cydia download for iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2 users

Click here to Cydia download for iOS 8.0 – 8.1 users

Click here to Cydia download for iOS 7.1.0 – 7.1.2 users

Click here to Cydia download for iOS 7.0.0 – 7.0.6 users

Click here to Cydia download for iOS 6.1.2 – iOS 6.1.6 users

Now you are ready to use Cydia. Before it use, invite to take quick review about Cydia

Actually what is Cydia ?

The essential application package for all jailbroken iOS devices. Best ever application managing software for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices which are jailbroken. Using Cydia users allow to find, download & install, remove amazing third party apps which aren’t in the Apples Official App store. So, Cydia is another featured app store for jailbroken Apple devices as alternate.

What is jailbreaking ?

The process which breaks Apples’ limitations & restrictions on iOS devices for download & install third party software/applications. Without jailbreaking your device you cannot install Cydia for any device. So, we can say the way of download & install Cydia for iOS device is called jailbreak.

After jailbreak How to use Cydia  ?

As mansion above, jailbreak bring Cydia on idevices. If you have successfully jailbroken Apple device, Cydia will be on your device. Then, unlock your device & find-out Cydia app on your device’s home screen.

First time use Cydia

After the jailbreak to very first time launch Cydia, slide to Unlock your device & locate Cydia app on your home screen, tap on it to open. Then, it will start the “Preparing Filesystem” & please wait while Cydia completes this process. Cydia will quit after compete the process. Again, unlock the device & tap on Cydia  & you will see Home screen of Cydia. Now you can navigate to Cydia for download & install apps.

Download & install first app using Cydia
  1. Tap on Cydia icon & launch Cydia
  2. Tap on “Featured” tab in Cydia home screen
  3. Then, you can see featured apps & extensions are listed in the categories. Select on of them
  4. Now you can see list of the free & paid apps under the category. Chose you want to install for your device (If you were select paid app, then it will be needed to setup a Cydia account & have to pay with Paypal or Amazon)
  5. Then, it show selected app with detail.  Tap on “Install”
  6. Confirm you request & app will be installed on your device.

Also you can use “Search” function for quickly find an app you want to install. Just enter the name of the app install it.

 How to uninstall apps which installed with Cydia ?
  1. Open Cydia from your Home screen & tap on “Installed” tab.
  2. Navigate the app that you want to uninstall & tap on it.
  3. Press the “Modify” button & choose “Remove”.
  4. Click “Confirm” to end.
  5. Reboot your device to take place changes.

Warning to upgrade device :

If you upgrade your Cydia installed device to new iOS version, your device will be un-jailbroken. Then, Cydia also be deleted from your device. Therefore, strongly recommend you to make sure a jailbreak is available for the new firmware version. Otherwise you loss Cydia from your device. At this moment, jailbreak is not available for iOS 8.1.3 & iOS 8.2 version.

You can checkout Article Keep Cydia Jailbreak & stay away from iOS 8.2 update. for more information.

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