Cydia for iOS 8.4.1 with Pangu jailbreak

Apple recently released iOS 8.4.1 update for iPhone, iPad & iPod devices. Jailbreak lovers hopes-up to Cydia download for iOS 8.4 using existing TaiG or PP jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4 – 8.1.3. But, now you know iOS 8.4.1 has patched TaiG & PP jailbreak and stopped Cydia download.pangu-8.4

However, there is a magical thing has happened. Well known Chinese Pangu jailbreak team they were responsible for the Cydia install on iOS 8 – 8.1 and Cydia iOS 7.1 – 7.1.2 has successfully completed jailbreak iOS 8.4.1.

Pangu jailbreak iOS 8.4.1

The story is, Pangu team has successfully demonstrated jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 on last Friday at HackPwn2015 security conference using a latest iPhone 6 device. The Chinese Weibo site confirms this good news. So, this means now you can Cydia download for your iOS 8.4.1 device??

How to Cydia download for iOS 8.4.1 with Pangu jailbreak?

You still have to wait for this. Team Pangu has not yet released iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak tool for the public. They have only demoed how to jailbreak Apple’s latest firmware – iOS 8.4.1 for the specific audience at this moment.

When will Pangu release jailbreak iOS 8.4.1 public?

It is not clear, Pangu will release iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak for the public or not. But, we expect Pangu will keep exploits for iOS 9 jailbreak & not release jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4.1. Because, Apple launch next big iOS version in September & they can patch exploits in iOS 9 update.

So, we can highly expect Pangu will release jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4.1 after iOS 9 is released. Which can be also supported iOS 9 jailbreak or may not.

What can you do?

According to the situation, jailbreak will be not released for iOS 8.4.1 version. That means you are not allow to Cydia download for latest firmware version present. The best thing is, stay away from the iOS 8.4.1 if you want Cydia for your iDevice. Do not update to iOS 8.4.1 if already not.

Cydia download available for all other iOS versions except iOS 8.4.1 at this moment. If you want some help to jailbreak & download Cydia, follow our A to Z iOS jailbreak tutorial guide..

iOS 8.4.1 users : There is no way to jailbreak & get Cydia for your device now. Downgrade iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 8.4 also now impossible cause Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.4. Hopes-up about iOS 9 jailbreak.

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