Pangu Team Demos iOS 10 Jailbreak


Some times you may know about the things that we are going to tel  you.If so this article for idevice users who don’t know about the iOS 10 Jailbreak possibilities with Pangu. Pangu  team has been shown a functional jailbreak for the iOS 10 at the Mobile  Security Conference(MOSEC) in Shangai.Team members have been shown working Cydia on the device.Although they did not say further details about this jailbreak.Special of this jailbreak is,it has been done when the iOS beta 1 released.So it shows us that iOS 10 jailbreak is a possible thing when it released for the public.All things that jailbreak teams do getting some evident with confirming that any iOS can jailbreak.

Where we want to remember you guys that only available jailbreakable  iOS 9 last version is iOS 9.3.3.Famous Italian hacker Luca Todesca has been produced an off device jailbreak for the iOS 9.3.4,but he has not been released any tool for the public so far.How ever we can keep trust on Pangu team that they will released a jailbreak tool for iOS 9.3.4 & iOS 9.3.5 in near future.

We can say that Apple will release iOS 10 with higher security updates,because Apple faced to a big problem with hacking some group iOSs.But Apple fixed it with releasing iOS 9.3.5 for public.So we mention you guys if you are still not updated iOS 9.3.5 do it right now.According to Apple spokesmen Apple has planed to release iOS 10 for the public in September.If they released iOS 10 in September we can’t say that Apple will release another iOS 9 version to the public,but if it is not happening as they said they will release iOS 9.3.6 for us.

With iOS 10 you can feel a lot of new features and updates on new way.And it will be the latest enough secured OS for all the idevice users to use trustfully.However iOS 10 jailbreak also possible with Pangu team’s proven.On other hand Jailbreak is not a harmful thing for your device.Only thing that you have lost with jailbreak is your warranty.So you do not want to be afraid for this exploit cause it’ll offer you an amazing gift with thousands of free apps called Cydia.

Why you should jailbreak iOS 10 ?

Although Apple is going to release iOS 10 with a lot of new features you have to bond with Apple’s software & hardware restrictions when you are using those things, and you have to pay money for them.But if you jailbreak iOS 10 you can get Cydia on your device with thousands of free apps with your desires.So if you want to feel real freedom with iOS 10 you have to jailbreak your device to approach it.That’s why we recommend you do jailbreak your device.

But keep remember that you can get fully functional Cydia on your device with complete jailbreak.So don’t get caught to any one who are going to sell their product to you saying lies. 

New Cydia apps for iOS 10

Definitely Cydia will offer you newer Apps on iOS 10 jailbreak.Because Cydia always tries to give you newer experiences with this exploit.So keep your touch with us because we are not going to give you all the things about the Cydia newer features on iOS 10,keep your curiosity with this,we’ll give you those things on time.

New features on iOS 10

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