How to install Cydia iOS 8 – 8.1.2 using PP jailbreak [Mac]

These are the information & instructions to PP jailbreak procedure with Cydia download & install for compatible iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch devices. Carefully follow the instructions we have made for you step-by-step.

PP jailbreak package  information
  • Version : 1.0
  • Cydia Support : Yes. Integrated Cydia installer 1.1.16
  • Language support : Chinese only
  • Computer platform : Mac OS X
What are the devices, which compatible with PP jailbreak?

# iPhone 4S and above

# iPad 2 and above

# iPad Mini and above

# iPod Touch 5G

with running on iOS 8 through  8.1.2 firmware versions.

How to prepare your mobile device to jailbreak with PP?
  • Do the fully backup your device using iTunes.
  • Upgrade your iPhone, iPad or iPod firmware up to latest iOS 8.1.2 using iTunes. (Do not do OTA update)
  • Turn Off Touch ID & Passcode (Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode >> Turn Passcode Off).
  • Turn Off Find My iPhone (Settings >> iClode >>Find My iPhone  Off).
  • Turn On Airplane Mode (Settings >> Airplane Mode On).

Warning :  If you already have software updated using OTA (Over-the -Air), You must restore your device to iOS 8.1.2 using iTunes. Otherwise you may probably fail PP jailbreak.

Step by step…

1). Using a USB cable, plug your device (Prepared as  above) to Mac computer

2). Download PP jailbreak tool on your Mac

3). Double click on downloaded file to mount it.

4). Right click on PP jailbreak app mounted & select “Open”

5). Then, program will launch & detect your device.


6). Hit on the button in the center of the program window. Please do not forget to unmarked the tick box in the bottom of the screen if you unlike to install Chinese app store.

7). In the next screen, click on the right side button to start the PPjailbreak progress.


8). The process will take some time to finish. Do not remove your device and wait, it will reboot after the complete jailbreak your device.

9). Congratulations..! you have jailbroken your device with install Cydia. Unlock your device, Cydia will be seen on its’ home screen. Start Enjoying with Cydia..

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