Prometheus Tool Now Available For Upgrade/Downgrade iOS 10.1.1.


Hi guys…!!!!! With a new year we are here with a latest update which you most desired to listen.Yes iOS hacker tihmstar  has been released the Prometheus tool for the public  that you can downgrade or upgrade your current iOS version to your preferred iOS firmware.Although Prometheus tool available for you according to the news Apple kills those patches at the movement.But don’t be wary try this method once and if it won’t work  be patient tihmstar will fix it as soon as possible.

So we invite you guys to try this way with tihmstar and get an experience.He has been released a video with his step by step guides and you can watch it to do this stuff by yourself.

If you are not fit with this video please follow this step by step guide tutorial here.Exactly you have to feel this experience by yourself and you should realize what are the wrongs that have been arisen with this amazing exploit of tihmstar.

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