Real and fake methods to get Cydia

Thousands of iPhone, iPad and iPod users clearly do not have any idea to install Cydia for their devices. Can install Cydia application for your device ? This will be really added advantage for all new users who are willing to jailbreak your device.

Cydia not support iOS latest versions

iOS 9.2, 9.2.1, 9.3, 9.3.1, 9.3.2

Can Cydia install for your device ?

Most of other iOS versions can install Cydia application successfully. like to give all necessary information for users to get Cydia application successfully.


How to install Cydia application

All iDevice users need to jailbreak their device to install Cydia application. Cydia unable to install without jailbreak device. Therefore please download jailbreak tool and follow guides to get this application.

iPhone users – Click here to follow

iPad users – Click here to follow

iPod Touch users – Click here to follow


How to identify fake methods to install Cydia application

  • Cydia install without jailbreak device
  • Cydia install without computer
  • Cydia install with Safari Browser
  • Cydia install with App Store or websites

Risk factors and disadvantage – Install fake Cydia applications

  • Users unable to touch real Cydia benefit because of fake Cydia application. Cydia provide customize Apple devices as users expected.
  • Your device may be effect with adware and malware. This will cause some effect for iOS files installed into your device.
  • Some fake Cydia applications installed to your device after surveys, donations and paying methods. Cydia application released for users after jailbreaking device. So users do not need to do above mentioned methods to get Cydia.
  • Users unable to find some fake Cydia applications uninstall methods. This may be harm to your device.

Can Cydia install with semi jailbreak or Safari browser ?

These are fake methods to install Cydia application. Please do not waste your time with unwanted tools. Follow real Cydia install guides with us. You can get further information with Cydia Installer Guides official blog. Cydia developed by Mr.Saurik for you, Visit Saurik official site for further information.

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