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According to the rumors from the Apple world about iPhone 7  we can say for those seekers who are waiting until iPhone 7 released  it will be on your hand in September 2016.Through this article we do hope to give you some rumors and predictions about the iPhone 7.Many predictors have been produced their opinions about iPhone 7.Exactly we can’t say this is the right shape and right features of the iPhone 7 yet.Because it has been still  creating and Apple has not been released it yet.Only things are we can give you  about the forthcoming iPhone 7  rumors and predictions until they released it.But we can’t through away those rumors and predictions,because they have  presented those factors being based upon the Apple’s production.So touch with us over this article,  can get an idea about the configure of the iPhone 7.


Thickness of the iPhone 7.

As the rumors said,iPhone 7 will be the slimier iPhone that released to the Apple world ever.They have been presented the reason for this,it is Apple will have been removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and they will give you a Bluetooth head set instead.

Storage of the iPhone 7.

Some predictors has been said Apple iPhone7’s storage will be 256 GB.As they said iPhone 7 will  support such a storage with it’s high class of technology.But according to another predictor’s opinion they have said they expect the iphone 7 to start at 32 GB,64 GB and 128 GB options of storage.So guys lets wish for only  iCloude storage from iPhone 7.If so we can fly over the space instantly.


Charging system of iPhone 7.

Some predictors have been said Apple will facilitated to users a wireless charging system.If so user should not have any charging stuffs with their bags and Apple will provide any other facility charger instead.

Download & upload speed of iPhone 7.

According to the some securities analyst, Intel  will provide 30 to 40 % of the  iPhone 7’s modem supply.Specially the Intel 7360 LTE which supports 450Mbps download speed and 100Mbps upload speed.

Screen size of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7’s camera will a dual-lens module and it will be a step forward than recent released iPhones. According to the predictors they expect 4.7-inch phone(iPhone 7) and 5.5-inch phone(iPhone 7 plus) modules will release to public .

Battery life of iPhone 7.

Battery life of the iPhone 7 may be step forward than in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.But we can’t say exactly it will provide unbelievable battery life with it’s performances.We can’t give you unnecessarily hopes and we should face to reality,that we can’t get long time battery charge with it’s performance.Any way Apple will provide some kind of benefits with iPhone 7.

Screen resolution of iPhone 7.

We can expect higher screen resolution from the iPhone 7 too.Apple has provided  higher screen resolution for all the iPhones that released so far.Although Apple  provided upgraded performance with forthcoming devices it won’t downgrades any performance.So you don’t be afraid with anything iPhone 7,because Apple always tries to give you the best thing forever.



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