How to fix iOS TaiG jailbreak errors on iOS 8 – 8.1.2?

How to fix iOS TaiG jailbreak errors on iOS 8 – 8.1.2?

TaiG jailbreak provides stable, reliable, easy & fast jailbreak experience for iDevice users those who are on iOS 8.0 – 8.1.2 firmware versions.  However, some users have got an errors with TaiG jailbreak on iOS 8.1.2. So, this article may help you, how to use TaiG tool correct way & how to fix jailbreak errors for install Cydia correctly on your iOS 8 devices.logo213

Cydia download using TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8 – 8.1.2 just need few simple steps. But, users have to well prepare their device prior to start the jailbreak process. Other-vice, user cannot achieve success. Therefore, it is best to follow these guides when using TaiG for jailbreak your iOS 8 idevice.

What are the reasons, it may causes jailbreak errors ?

  • OTA (Over The Air) update – This will often cause TaiG jailbreak fail.
  • Jailbreak Try with “Touch ID & Passcode” enabled.
  • Jailbreak try with “Find My iPhone” turn on.
  • TaiG jailbreak try with iTunes not installed.

Preparations before jailbreak with TaiG

It is very important to well prepare your iOS 8 device prior to begin. It will warrant to kill most of the TaiG jailbreak errors with iOS 8-8.1.2. Therefore we strongly recommend do the following things before jailbreak start.

  1. Turn off ‘Passcode” via; Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode >> Turn Passcode Off
  2. Turn off “Touch ID” via; Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode >> Disable “iPhone Unlock” under “USE TOUCH ID For:”
  3. Set Auto-Lock to “Never” by, Settings >> General >> Auto-Lock >> Never.
  4. Turn off “Find my iPhone” via; Settings >> iCloud >> Click to turn off Find My iPhone
  5. Shift your idevice to the Airplane mode.
  6. Install latest version of iTunes.
  7. Make sure “Apple Mobile Device” service is not disabled.
  8. Freeing your storage as well enough – It is best, keep 2-3 GB free space while jailbreaking.
  9. Quit all background apps and iTunes related services.
  10. Make sure your computers’ speed enough to process TaiG. Other vice, jailbreak stack at the middle.
  11. Download latest version of TaiG tool

How to fix TaiG errors ?

  • TaiG error – “Can’t find Apple driver, please download and install iTunes”
    • Install iTunes 12.0.1 and Try, if you are using TaiG 1.2.0 version. The latest version, TaiG 1.2.1 now support for iTunes 12.1
  • TaiG error – Jailbreak tool cannot locate the device
    • This means your device is not well connected to the computer. Try with another USB port. iTunes must be installed if have not and  make sure to “Apple Mobile Device” service enable.
  • TaiG jailbreak stuck at 30%
    • Wait patiently about 20-30 minutes. Not solve, restart both your device & computer, try after 30 minutes. Not solve, try with another computer. Also, make sure to
  • TaiG error – “Storage Almost Full”
    • If you already clear your device memory and got this massage, ignore this. Because, this is due to files are wring in the device memory.
  • TaiG error – 1001
    • This can be due to disconnecting your device from the computer. Use another USB cable or USB port and Try.
  • TaiG error – 1002
    • Error occurred due to the Passcode which used to protect your device. Disable all Passcode & Tuch ID protection.
  • TaiG error – 1003
    • This means, Taig jailbreak software you have downloaded corrupted. Download fresh copy of TaiG tool again & jailbreak.
  • TaiG error – 1005
    • You have enabled “Find My iPhone” feature. Turn off Find My iPhone before jailbreak.

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  2. Help i got a problem it says “please activate youur device” please reconnect your device to Taig Jailbreaker tool after activate”

  3. I hacked my 5s with a windows Tablet. It’s Quad-core 1.39Ghz took my several times but worked. My trick? Close iTunes immediately after the iPhone restarts. Hope that helps 🙂

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