iOS 8.4 jailbreak update – TaiG 2.4.3 integrates latest Cydia Installer 1.1.23

The original jailbreak update, TaiG 2.4.3 now available to download with Windows for iPhone, iPad & iPod users. This optimizes the process of jailbreak and includes latest Cydia Installer version 1.1.23.


TaiG 2.4.3 had introduced few days ago as a beta to experimental purpose. Now, TaiG team has released full original version of TaiG 2.4.3 to the public users. Therefore now we recommend to use this updated tool to jailbreak your iOS 8.4 device & install Cydia.

Importantly, TaiG has integrated latest Cydia installer with new version of their tool. As well as, they have optimized the whole process of the jailbreak with TaiG 2.4.3.

TaiG 2.4.3 update log

  • Integrated latest Cydia 1.1.23
  • Optimized the process of jailbreak.
TaiG 2.4.3 compatibility
  • iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.1.3
  • iPhone 6/Plus to iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2 to iPad 2, iPad Mini 3 to Mini, iPod 5G/6G
  • Windows only

This is the direct link to TaiG V2.4.3 – TaiG download

Cydia jailbreak step by step guide – How to jailbreak iOS 8.4 using TaiG 2.4.3?

Note : TaiG only can be used for the Windows users. Mac user can jailbreak & install Cydia for iOS 8.4 – 8.1.3 using PP jailbrek Mac version tool.

Mac user guide – How to install Cydia for iOS 8.4 with PP jailbreak on Mac?

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