Things That Users Should Know About The iOS 10

With releasing iOS 9, a great curiosity had been occurred among the iOS users.It had been increasing with iOS 9 updates into further sub categories.Apple always being a step forward with their up coming iOS versions.They have added new user friendly features with their newer public releases.As the final release of iOS 9 versions  they will release iOS 9.3.3 & it will be the last iOS 9 version that they released between iOS 9 and iOS 10.We know every Apple users are waiting for the date that Apple release iOS 10 to public.Until they will release iOS 10 for public lets talk about the iOS 10.So friends join with us to share knowledge & be knowledgeable before you’re  gonna be an iOS 10 user.


We know you guys are feeling awesome with this upcoming iOS 10 version & waiting to know what features they have gave you.Before we will offer to you a gift, we would like to say you Apple has been released iOS 10 beta version to public.Sounds good to hear isn’t it?We do hope to give some latest news about the iOS 10 beta version on this article.Check this out before you are going to fly over the iOS world………..

How to install the iOS 10 public beta version on your device.

If you are interested to try iOS 10 beta version until Apple release iOS 10 you can do it very easily.We would like to give you the proper way that how to install iOS 10 on your device. iOS 10 beta version won’t provide you a fully functional version but you can get an idea that how to work iOS 10 on your device & what are the differences that Apple has been provided to public.

Here we would like to give you a video tutorial that has been released to public with step by step guides how to install iOS 10 beta on your device.Check this out and do it by your self.

 How to uninstall iOS 10 and downgrade to previous version

If you are uninterested with iOS 10 beta version you can downgrade it without any effort.So don’t be afraid to try iOS 10 beta because we are going to produce you a video  that how can you downgrade iOS 10 beta to previous iOS version without any data lost.

We are discussed so far a lot of things about the iOS 10.Many Apple device users are like to use their device without any hardware and software restrictions.So jailbreak teams are working on it very hard and they have been shown effective results to public that they can give you the solutions of your problems.They have been jailbreked every iOS versions until iOS 9.3 so far.They have been waiting for do it with iOS 10 too.It’s mean you guys can feel amazing exploits with cydia even you getting iOS 10 on your device too.You can be knowledgeable about latest Cydia Tweaks that will more desired you.

We sure you are waiting to know  further details about jailbreaking possibilities of iOS 10 and cydia on iOS 10.We have a lots of news about your desires so guys be with us and get reach to your dreams with cydia.Installer  cydia always being with you to give you the latest updates about Cydia.Touch with us and see you on next pos.





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