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Apple has almost done with iOS 10 at the movement.Several days ago Apple has been released iOS 10 beta 8 for the developers & beta 7 to the beta testers.According to the iOS 10 rumors Apple will release there newer iOS version that is iOS 10 in September.Apple has changed & added newer options for the newer iOS 10 version.So we thought offer you few hidden features that you are willing to hear.We would like to say you guys that Apple has tried to increase attraction of the user interface from iOS 10.Check this out guys it;ll be more helpful you when you are going to work with iOS 10 in near future.

Skip Tolls in Apple maps.

In Apple maps now you can avoid tolls.Because Apple maps shows you routes that where you do not have to give tolls.Check this video to get more ideas about the Apple map on the iOs 10.

New Keyboard Sound

When you are using iOS 10 keyboard where you can hear a new keyboard sound that different than the previous versions.Check this out actually it is a great sound to here & it says that you are not alone at the mid night when you are working hard with typing your documents.

Clock App

Clock App appears much like dark.

Arrange your bedtime features with iOS 10

You can arrange your bedtime options with tap on the  Bedtime tab.If you enter your sleeping habits,wake up time,how many hours you want to sleep,this will automatically arrange it without waste your time.Try this once iOS 10 on your hand.

Individual Read Receipts

iOS 10 has been offered you a great option that more helpful when you are text with others.In iOS 10 you can either isolated your texting  with unique person or you can carry on it with others as a conversation.

New folder view

In iOS 10 the folder view has been differed from the previous versions.Now folder view almost transparent,there’s no translucent layer like previous versions.

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New Back Button

In the iOS 10 the back button has more pronounced than the previous versions.It’ll more help for the users to take quick actions with there fingers.



Optimize storage in Music

Now you have an ability with iOS 10 to limit the Music app from using all yours internal memory.You can do it use  few of GBs to save space.

3D Touch works in control center

3D Touch on Notifications for options

You can now 3D Touch on a notification for take look contextual options.


Search from Notification center

If you want to search something from the notification center,yes Apple has seeded it for you on iOS 10.Try this guys it’s amazing.You can get spotlight search at the top of the Notification center.



Delete  stock iOS Apps

If you don’t want any Apple app you can delete it with very easy process.Tap & hold on the app that you want to delete,you will see a “X” mark on the icon.Tap on the “X” mark it’ll remove from your device.If you want the same app again do not be worry it” be available on the Apple store.Do not think twice do it and take it.

Hidden Messages in iMessages

Redesigned Control Center

Control center has been taken a big step forward  from the previous versions.It supports different Panels,Screens, essentially.

Okay then not only above mentioned things but also there are a lot of new stuff with iOS 10.All these stuffs only for you guys.Touch with us iOS 10 releasing date is not far.

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