Latest Updates About The iOS 10.2 yalu102 Jailbreak


Supported devices & iOS versions

iPad Pro iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPhone 6S iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPhone SE iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPhone 5S iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPad Air iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPad Mini 2 iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPhone 6 iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPad Mini 3 iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPad Air 2 iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPad Mini 4 iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2
iPod touch (6G) iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.2

 Planed to supported

iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.0 -> iOS 10.1.1

iPhone 7 is only supported for till iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak.It will be fit with this exploit in near future and we invite you to stay with patient until they will fix this.


This jailbreak is working in progress.A big part of this jailbreak is working without getting any troubles.But we should warn you  that do not install untested things of this jailbreak.AppSync and other unsupported and untested software will probably put your device into a bootloop or will do other bad things. Do not open an issue complaining that your device has been bootlooped because you installed other software. You have been warned.

They are working hard on iOS 10.2 jailbreak and they will be released it in near future for the public.The latest iOS 10.2.1 version is not in jailbreak yet.But we do hope to that they will release it too after releasing iOS 10.2 yalu jailbreak.This is not the end of this trip guys it will continue with the upcoming iOS versions too.The latest iOS 10.3 beta 1 version also will undergo with these conditions on a positive way.Although Luca is still not recognized important vulnerabilities of iOS 10.2.1 firmware we sure that they will do it as soon as possible.Until his next exploit with iOs 10.2.1, lets stay  with patient.Finally we invite you guys to stay with us until newer updates released to public.

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